Waterpik® UltraClear Fluoride Varnish

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Product Description

Many fluoride varnishes are clumpy and taste bitter. Waterpik® UltraClear is designed to eliminate these issues; it is made to dry clear and has several flavors. It is a 5% sodium fluoride varnish with xylitol and is available in four flavors: melon, bubblegum, strawberry, and mint. Each single dose unit (0.40mL) includes an applicator brush.

Initial Insights

  • It’s very easy to open these packets.
  • It has a mild scent and the viscosity is on the thicker side.
  • My patients say they barely notice it’s there and that it’s not sticky.
  • The brush that comes with it is really nice; it’s not stiff or too small.

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