Whip Mix 3D Printed Face Shields & Ear Defenders

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Product Details

We recently received, here at Dental Advisor, Whip Mix Face Shields and Ear Defenders. According to Whip Mix, as a manufacturer that sells 3D printers and print materials, they have developed a way to make autoclavable headbands for face shields and ear savers for face masks (Ear Defenders).

They are currently offering .STL files that you can download free of charge from their blog. These files can then be sent to your to your dental lab for fabrication (Provided they have 3D printers and the proper autoclavable materials). Costs of having these materials printed varies per dental lab. The template for cutting the visor is on their blog as well.

Click here for Whip Mix Blog Link

Initial Insights

What were the thoughts of the Dental Advisor Initial Insights Team?

  • Very sturdy headband on the shield.
  • Able to wear loupes under shield.
  • Easy ear saver can be worn higher than shown in image to completely avoid contact with ears.
  • Mask felt tighter against my face when worn with ear saver.

Look for more information about this product in an upcoming issue of Dental Advisor!

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