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Product Description

XTRA PURE by UltraPure is a line of products that relies on hypochlorous acid to disinfect. The spray is available in a portable 100mL spray bottle (0.035%) or a 5L commercial bottle (0.04% HOCl). The portable spray bottle can be used for any personal indication including hand disinfection, oral spray, wound care, and spraying on textiles. The commercial size bottle is placed in a fogger or in spray bottles for traditional surface disinfection. The directions indicate to allow it to air dry.

Initial Insights

  • I really like that there’s no smell after using it on my hands!
  • It leaves a “clean” smell on surfaces without using bleach.
  • The contact time seems good.
  • I would like to see research applicable to dental surfaces!

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of DENTAL ADVISOR!


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