Young Infinity Cordless Hygiene Handpiece

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Product Description

Cordless handpieces can fit into many hygiene settings, allowing for the user to move comfortably without interference of a cord. The Infinity Cordless Hygiene Handpiece by Young Dental is cordless, and claims to last up to 4 times longer on one battery charge than competitor models. This handpiece also includes a Bluetooth foot pedal to control speed, replacing the need to use a second hand to adjust. A small light on the front blinks to indicate the charge level when prompted. It also comes with three nose cones and a non-slip holder to keep it still on the counter, as well as 25 disposable barrier sleeves.

Initial Insights

  • This handpiece is amazingly quiet and lightweight!
  • It has a really small footprint on the counter – I can tuck it away easily.
  • I like having a foot pedal to control it instead of buttons on the handpiece that I have to reach for.
  • When I used the Young Splatter Guard DPA, it was incredibly smooth. I tried another DPA brand and it didn’t seat all the way on the handpiece.
  • I like that it doesn’t vibrate at all on my teeth!

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