ZShield Wrap

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Product Description

We recently received ZShield Wrap (ZShield). This uniquely designed face shield is worn around the neck rather than being worn on the head. It adjusts to multiple angles, including an “idle state” where it flips all the way down (see image below).

Initial Insights

What were thoughts from the Dental Advisor Initial Insights team?

  • In dentistry, the aerosols and splatter we are generating come from a patient we are looking at in a downward direction. The way this shield is angled could make a lot of sense for dentistry.
  • The shield moves around a bit on your neck as you move.
  • It feels very breathable. You don’t feel closed in, but you feel like you have a barrier between yourself and the patient.
  • Although it is light, after wearing it a while I noticed the weight on my neck.
  • Could be a great shield to wear doing lab work.

Keep an eye out to see this device in a coming issue of The Dental Advisor!


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